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Sounds of the Night

The Sounds of the Night is a story of young woman, Mirjam and her different choice for life. She exchanges her safe small country of Finland for an uncertain life of hectic voluntary work with pastor Bill Wilson and his staff at Metro World Child in the infamous neighborhoods of New York City.

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Rose in Paradise

The documentary, Rose in Paradise, asks if people are only commodities to each other or is there something of more value in us? The film seeks an answer from victims of human trafficking and people who help them from behind the scenes in sunny Cyprus.

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Plan A

For the past 150 years millions of Jews worldwide have been immigrating to Israel. In the documentary there are five Jews telling why they made Aliyah to such a challenging place as Israel even from quite good countries.

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What lessons of friendship and confidence can the western world learn from Jews and Arabs, regarding how to live in a society where acts of terror are becoming a common day occurrence? Wallbreakers is a documentary which addresses this issue.

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