About Us

Hurttimurtti is a non-profit production crew from Finland. We create documentaries which describe the people and events in the level of heart. Our documentaries are filmed and broadcasted worldwide.

The word ”Hurttimurtti” was originally just a misunderstanding. Later on it became a name for a new type of Finnish TV production group which has a goal to develop Christian TV programs more touching.

Hurttimurtti is producing programs out of mainstream. It mixes profound subjects and vivid storytelling.

Sounds of the Night (2014) tells about young Mirjam who quits studying career in Finland and travels to New York to give hope into its ghettoes. The documentary is a story of bravery, the painfulness of giving up and reward of loss.

Rose in Paradise (2015), asks if people are only commodities to each other or is there something of more value in us? The film seeks an answer from victims of human trafficking and people who help them from behind the scenes in sunny Cyprus.

Plan A (2016). For the past 150 years millions of Jews worldwide have been immigrating to Israel. In this documentary there are five Jews telling why they made Aliyah to such a challenging place as Israel even from good countries.

In Hurttimurtti’s projects the team consists of 4 – 10 people. In the international team there are working professionals of media from Finland, other countries of Europe and Canada. Most of them are volunteers.

The background organization of Hurttimurtti is Vedä Henkeä Unelma association.

Contact: mika (ät) hurttimurtti.fi