Plan A | Documentary of Making Aliyah

Making AliyahFor the past 150 years millions of Jews worldwide have been immigrating or making Aliyah to Israel.

More and more Jews consider moving to to Israel and eventually make Aliyah. Some of them are driven by uneasy conditions like war or Anti-Semitism, but many of them leave arrive from good countries as well. The government of Israel has estimated that almost half of the world´s Jewish population already live in Israel.

But what is behind the phenomenon called Aliyah? Why do so many Jews want to move to the small and unstable country in the Middle East?

In this documentary we meet five Jews who have immigrated to Israel. Aliya, Chaim, Dan and Ellen made Aliyah from the United States. Israel immigrated to the country of his ancestors from Crimea, Ukraine and was among of about one million Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union in the 1990´s.

Plan A is the third documentary of Hurttimurtti. It was released in YouTube in December 2016. Several tv channels are broadcasting the documentary for example in Great Britain, USA, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

Length of the documentary is 27 minutes.

More information about Aliyah: Jewish Agency