Wallbreakers | A Documentary about Friendship of Jews and Arabs

Hate, bitterness and revenge. You can see them everywhere. Between people, countries and nations. They protect us as a wall when we feel threatened, neglected or abused. One wall is the conflict between Arabs and Jews. Wallbreakers is a documentary about defeating it in a very radical way.

The documentary was filmed in the summer of 2017 in Israel. In it, you meet three Arab and three Jewish men. None of the interviewees come from the Palestinian territories, because ordinary Palestinian Arabs who are publicly involved with the Jewish people then put themselves at a risk of death.

The originator of the Wallbreakers documentary project was the terrorist attacks in the West and the fears and hatreds they have brought upon. In the previous Plan A documentary project, the production team made the observation that, contrary to the general perception of Israel, there are many levels of interaction between Arabs and Jews.

It was therefore a natural continuation to return to Israel and find out how some people had been able to get rid of hatred, bitterness, and revenge. We also wanted to see if we could learn something from them?

Documentary information

  • Name: Wallbreakers
  • Directing: Mika and Ruut Ahonen
  • Interviewees: Moti Cohen, Eliel Fos, Joel Jelski, Peter Nasser, Raja Salameh, Saleem Shalash
  • Language: English (subtitled in Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian)
  • Lenght: 28 minutes
  • Published: 2017
  • TV-distribution: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia
  • Producer: Mika Ahonen
  • Production: Hurttimurtti

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