Sounds of the Night – Documentary of Sidewalk Sunday School

Sounds of the Night is a documentary of 21-year-old Mirjam who decided to leave behind herself a traditional studying career in Finland and moved to the ghettoes of New York city. There, she brings hope to children surrounded by drugs and violence.

The documentary is a story of different choice of an ordinary young person, the painfulness of giving up and reward of loss.

Sounds of the Night is filmed in Finland and in infamous neighborhoods of New York. It is focused on the young woman’s departure from her home country and her life as a volunteer Sidewalk Sunday school teacher of Metro World Child organization.

Metro World Child is one of the ten largest Christian organizations in the world. The program includes also the story of the founder and leader of this organization, pastor Bill Wilson.

The documentary has a four years distribution contract with GOD TV. So the potential audience will rise up to 951 million. The program has been broadcasted also by Revelation TV in UK and Heaven TV7 in Finland.

Documentary has been recorded in English and Finnish and it is subtitled in Finnish, English and Spanish.

Lenght 28 minutes.

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