Rose in Paradise Documentary of Human Trafficking

The documentary, Rose in Paradise, RiP_Nikosiaasks if people are only commodities to each other or is there something of more value in us? The film seeks an answer from victims of human trafficking and people who help them from behind the scenes in sunny Cyprus.

One protagonist in this program is Pia Rendic, a Finn who is working against human trafficking in Cyprus. Rendic has appeared on Finnish media as an expert on human trafficking and she is an author of the book ”Faces of human trafficking”.

The main target group of documentary Rose in Paradise is upper-grade and high school youth who is interested in human trafficking and the causes affecting in it. Although human trafficking is a hard topic and the documentary is filmed in real environment, we have tried to avoid excessive cruelty so that spectators could reflect things and also more sensitive people could be able to watch the program.

Rose in Paradise has been broadcasted in Finland by Heaven TV7 and also worldwide by British Revelation TV. Documentary is produced and directed by Mika and Ruut Ahonen of Hurttimurtti Production.

The documentary is produced in English and it is subtitled in Russian and Finnish.

Duration: 28 minutes.